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News: Catalogues Keep Growing As Readers Keep Buying
The billion-dollar catalogue industry continues to grow and remains more trusted than the internet, according to two new studies.

The Australian Catalogue Association’s (ACA) annual report for 2012-13 found the industry is worth $1.5 billion, with catalogues reaching 18.3 million Australians per week.

The report also found that 66% of Australians aged 14 and over read catalogues, "which are considered more trustworthy than the internet by consumers".

ACA director Kellie Northwood "Catalogues have remained resilient to fluctuations other media channels have experienced and over the past five years realised 7.8% growth, figures which reflect the strength of the channel. We estimate 2013 figures will reflect similar stability as previous years."

A recent report from Roy Morgan Research also showed that "printed communication is still one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers in the market to buy".

Australians prefer catalogues to the internet when it comes to researching groceries, toys, alcohol and electronics, although the internet is the first choice when it comes to cars, real estate and home loans, according to the report.

"Catalogues today are a critical tool for successful retailers. Consumers rely heavily on catalogues to make their purchasing decisions, making them a very cost-effective communication channel," he told ProPrint.

Salmat’s head of target media solutions, David Webster, said the tangible nature of catalogues gave them a credibility that the internet lacked.

"Reaching consumers in a comfortable environment such as their own home, where they’re feeling relaxed, lends to a greater likelihood that they will absorb the content and take further action," said Webster.